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Esh by esh is designer brand of luxury handmade knitwear and accessories that are created of highest quality yarn, as well as time, love and creativity. 

Esh by esh stands for uniqueness and self expression. It believes that being special is a timeless trend, while being a personality is always in fashion. That is why Esh by esh stands for colors, textures and designs that send your own personal message to the world versus grayscale crowds on the streets that wear fast fashion. We choose one high quality piece of clothing that looks and feels ideal to a pile of one-day clothes that get worn out and create mass of trash polluting the planet. Using organic and natural materials, we knit sustainably. Being in the loop, we do add current fashion trends into our designs, whether it is certain color palette or silhouette, but we do it accurately so that this item is related to classics that is out of time. 

Cashmere, silk, viscose, goat down, angora, merino, alpaca, organic cotton, eco-wool - these are some of our beloved materials that we use knitting sweaters, cardigans, vests, dresses, hats and scarves for you.

We are also proud to say that all out knitwear is created in collaboration with at least 3 generations involved in our family business. Our youngest designers, being only 4 years old, so inspired us to create family look collection - now you can order almost any model from our lookbook for mother and daughter (son, husband etc) to have a gorgeous similar look! Designer and creator of the brand, Elvira Shipitsina, has dedicated almost all her life to knitwear - she developed collections for other brands, created tailor-made knitwear in the premium segment, at the same time getting an education in the field of psychology studies. This is one more reason why you feel so good in Esh by esh knitwear - we apply colour psychology knowledge in every item and knit with empathy to you, trying to feel each new sweater as with your skin. ​

Stitch by stitch, Esh by esh creates its limited edition knitwear and ships it worldwide to inspire you to use the opportunity to be unique.