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Red knit oversized angora sweater

This warm cozy wooly sweater is one of Esh by esh couture items! Wear this luxury red wool pullover with a beret and it turns out to be knitted vintage sweater, wear this knit red jumper with a pair of jeans - and it is your beloved casual oversized sweater! If you look for a trendy oversize top, this high quality red wool pullover is the one to fall in love. Loose longer model, v-neck, wider sleeves designed with handknit braids and a vertical braid for a fit silhouette- all this makes this knit red jumper unforgettable!

????‍???? We work on our charity project????, where that red sweater is THE start - already now we promise to donate 50% of our profit from that red sweater sales to charity fund that helps deafblind people to speak, get heard and get seen ???????????????????????? If you buy this sweater now, you will be one of the first people to support #that_redsweater movement! Without you, we can not make it happen! ❤️

⚜️ Only top quality yarn had been selected for creation of this item:

????The mix of yarn may vary for your item due to availability at the time of the order - we will knit it from high quality yarn only.

- It is also available in beautiful golden-yellow color of the morning sun!
- Other colors and types of yarn can be requested for customized order.

1) - v-neck
- classic round neck
- turtleneck

2) - Yarn A: Angora - 350eur
- Yarn AA: Angora 40%, cashmere - 390eur
- Yarn AAA: cashmere 100% - 490eur

Delicate Handwash only at 30C max.
No bleaching.
Delicate loundry detergents recommended. (for wool, silk, cashmere, hand-wash)
No tumble dry.
Do not squeeze after washing.
Lay flat to dry.
Delicate Dry Cleaning for wool items is allowed.

We use only high quality natural yarn, most often being a variety of wool, that is why the sweater may have a natural feel and have the villi of the yarn, which you don’t have for synthetic knit products made of polyamide, etc. Although it is natural, breathing and soft, pls note that such type of yarn is NOT suitable for people with wool allergy, as well as sensitive allergic skin. In case you are allergic or sensitive to certain type of yarn, it is recommended to make a special order for eco-cotton and silk items.

!!! This sweater is one size (we make it as one size & one size plus size) - if you send us your height, boost and hip dimensions in inches/cm, we will be able to customize it as per your sizing!